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Reproductive Health Coaching


For individuals or couples navigating the often tumultuous family building journey and looking for support with infertility, family building options, Assisted Reproductive Technology (medically assisted technologies), high risk pregnancies, pregnancy after loss and postpartum. Please contact Windy directly for your Third Party Reproduction evaluation needs.


Professional Consultation

For Professionals that have clients navigating reproductive health, fertility and family building. Professional Consultation provides direction on how to better support clients through the many types of reproductive and family building challenges as well as educates around medical assisted technologies.

Meet windy


Windy is not a stranger to Infertility and Reproductive Health Trauma. She was immersed in her own personal family building crisis for several years and survived the journey. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Reproductive Health Coach with extensive training and many years of personal and professional experience in male and female reproductive health and infertility.

Informed by her own personal story along with supporting countless couples and choice moms on their journey, she is committed to empowering men, women, couples and professionals through coaching and consultation services. For Third Party Reproduction Evaluations and to learn more about her background, see below.


More On reproductive health coaching

Timing Is Everything! Are You Ready For…….

  • Space to think freely and dig deep in order to grow through to your next chapter?

  • A resource you can trust to help you navigate treatment options wherever you are on your journey?

  • Empathy and support from someone who "gets it?"

  • Tools to passively and actively reset your system?

  • A guide to help you make decisions regarding your next steps in your family building process?

  • An ally committed to helping you move from survivor to thriver?

More On consultation for Wellness Professionals

Professional Consultation offers the following:

  • A resource to raise your competency and understanding of the vast range of medical components involved in Assisted Reproductive Technology.

  • A better understanding of the unique impact of Infertility and Reproductive Health on your clients mental health.

  • How to provide patients with substantial tools to reduce the negative symptoms associated with building their family.


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For questions regarding both Coaching and Professional Consultation, you can reach out to Windy via a complimentary email through Emails are returned within 24 hours.

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