" I am Trusting My Journey As I Emerge Whole and well."


Origin Story

Fertile Affirmations® were created by Windy Ezzell, a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive training and many years of personal and professional experience in male and female reproductive health and infertility.  She developed Fertile Affirmations® after several years of loss and struggle with her own family building journey. Her personal story along with supporting couples and choice moms on their journey to create and nurture a child of their own, has allowed her the gift of witnessing the power of mindfulness based tools. As a result of witnessing positive transformation from regular affirmation practice personally and for countless clients, she is committed to spreading this tool to more men and women on their journey towards parenthood.


Are You Ready for a Dramatic Uplift in Your Thinking and Mood? To Feel More Grounded?

Fertile Affirmations® were created as a mindfulness based tool to help motivate and support you during your family building journey. The journey toward a child of your own may be brief or long, and is often filled with anxious thoughts and affirmations that contribute to a negative self-perception. Whether you are building your family through Pregnancy, Adoption, and Assisted Reproductive Technology, or need support Postpartum, these positive affirmations will help you create and experience harmony, growth and healing during this exciting and emotional time. Fertile Affirmations® are available in a beautiful box set or via our new App!


Why it Works

When navigating the inevitable stressors of the family building journey, Infertility, or postpartum anxiety/depression, it’s normal to consciously and unconsciously repeat negative affirmations to yourself.  In response, your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone that has been proven to contribute to the stress response and negatively influences health and well being on every level. The good news is that research has proven how affirmations quickly and effectively change your thought patterns and, in turn, your physiology. Regardless of your unique stage or challenge, this means that through affirmations practice a positive mindset and general sense of health and wellbeing is always possible. 


How to Use the Set

Stepping off the roller coaster of this tumultuous journey, even for just 20 minutes daily, can reduce stress hormones dramatically. Making this a daily practice can assist you in breaking free from the consuming worries that can accompany this process: Will I ever have a child of my own? Will this pregnancy last? Will IVF work? How will I ever get through Postpartum Anxiety or Postpartum Depression? As well as many other intrusive thoughts surrounding birth and postpartum. Begin your steps to calming your nervous system and nurturing a healthy mindset by setting up your own Fertile Affirmation Station ™


"i am creating the family of my dreams."


Create Your Own Fertile Affirmation Station

Set up your Fertile Affirmation Station™ in a quiet space or corner in your home with anchors that ground you and bring hope.

  • Engage your senses: see (candle or picture), hear (guided meditation, meditation music or ocean sounds), smell (lavender), touch (smooth stone or lotion) or taste (Peppermint Altoid). Set your intention.

  • Set your posture.

  • Notice your breath.

  • Open your heart and mind.

  • Recite your Affirmations.


"I am living my life fully and completely."


Are You Ready to harness the power of affirmations? Take the first step here!

No matter the challenge, cultivating mental health and general well being is always possible. See how Fertile Affirmations® can be your guide.

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